identity theft Perth

Document shredding has become essential in recent years from both a business and personal level. It is no longer an option to dispose of personal or office documents in the rubbish from either a confidentiality or an environmental point of view.

Identity theft has become one the most popular crimes in Australia and worldwide. Scammers will go to great lengths to steal your personal details to commit fraudulent activities. It is much easier for a criminal to obtain personal information from unsecure handling and disposal of documentation than it is for them to hack into your computer.

It is common sense to maintain vigilance when managing personal information in today’s society making it crucial that we securely destroy our no longer required business and personal paper waste. Document shredding gives you total peace of mind that your personal information will not end up in the wrong hands. Shredding ensures you maintain legal compliance in business by taking ‘reasonable steps’ to destroy or de-identify personal information.

CTI Shredding & Recycling own and operate an industrial shredding machine and guarantee you a total secure and confidential service. There is no third party outsourcing whatsoever in the shredding process. Only CTI staff that operate company owned vehicles, facilities, plant and equipment are involved reassuring your confidence.

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