Regardless of our destruction guarantee, if you have any concerns whatsoever, a prearranged time can be scheduled allowing you to witness the shredding of your confidential documents. You can either deliver your documents to the shredding plant or a prearranged collection can be made with you.

If the shredding job is so sensitive that you are reluctant to lose site of the documents prior to the physical shredding, we have a shredding escort service available for your consideration. This service includes the collection of both you and your documents by CTI Shredding & Recycling staff. You will be escorted to the shredding facility where you will view the final shredding of your documents to an illegible waste.

We can supply you with a Destruction Certificate for final shredding validation and return you home or to your place of business. You cannot get a more secure and confidential arrangement than our escort and witness shredding service.