Becoming a Green Office

Becoming a Green Office

Shredding and Recycling Program

Arranging a shredding program for your business will guarantee that your office paper waste is not only shred securely and confidentially but also will ultimately be recycled. CTI Shredding & Recycling can schedule a minimum destruction program from as little as $30 per month. Depending on your specific requirements and volume of office paper waste, scheduled service can be organised daily, weekly, monthly, bimonthly or on a call for basis.

Secure Office Containers

Ensure that your secure office destruction bins and cabinets are strategically placed throughout your office for your staffs’ convenience. This will encourage staff to correctly dispose of office waste paper. Failure to provide disposal convenience and flexibility to office staff may result incorrect disposal to land fill and a possible breach of business or personal information.

Monitor and Evaluate

It is important to monitor the effectiveness your shredding and recycling program is having. Even though most employees understand the values of shredding and recycling, staff compliance may be challenging especially from the onset. To ensure your recycle program is successful, it is necessary to identify any non-conformance and make change where required. Some initiatives to promote 100% office paper recycling are;

  • Staff Training and Awareness
  • Monthly waste volume reporting from your supplier
  • Staff incentives and awards
  • Set recycling targets
  • Publicise to your clients your recycle accomplishments

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