Media Destruction

Media Destruction

media destructionThe secure destruction of electronic data that is no longer required is as important as paper based shredding. Similarly, this form of data storage contains confidential personal information therefore requires the same secure destruction principles to apply.

There are various types of internal storage and external devices such as hard disk drives, floppy disk drives, CD ROM, DVD ROM, flash drives, magnetic tapes etc. all of which should be securely destroyed when they are no longer required. Often forgotten is the humble photocopier that can store scanned images on the integrated hard drive where inadvertently personal information could be disclosed if the photocopier is not securely destroyed.

Our industrial shredding machine can securely destroy small external devices. This is processed separately to paper shredding ensuring the recyclable paper waste is not contaminated.

Large computer media items or large volume requirements are destroyed by incineration.

Incineration is a common method of destruction for computer media and medical related waste. The pricing basis is weight and price confirmation can be provided day of service.

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