Secure Shredding Bin and Cabinet Services

Secure Shredding Bin and Cabinet Services

CTI Shredding & Recycling have available clean secure office shredding bins for destruction of office documents. The bins are blue to represent paper and are fitted with a slotted lid and key lock assembly to eliminate unauthorised access. All destruction bins have our contact details and identify what can and can’t be discarded.

Our 120 and 240 litre bins can be exchanged on a scheduled arrangement or on-demand request. The scheduled arrangement can be on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or bimonthly basis.

nexus-binIf you are looking for a more cosmetic container for your office, you won’t go past our Nexus 100 litre office cabinets. These quality cabinets provide a stylish solution to enhance efficiency in any office environment.

The blue colour-coded aperture and clear graphics make these units easily identifiable as paper waste containers and assist in preventing cross contamination of different waste streams.

The cabinets are locked and house a bag to capture the paper waste. The full bags are replaced with an empty bag on the scheduled service ensuring no loose paper can be mishandled.

Regardless of which container you choose, the exchange schedule is maintained irrespective of the containers capacity.

The bin or cabinet should be considered as a container to securely stage your confidential office waste until the day of collection.

The scheduled service should not be measured by how full the container is and rather recognised as a regular clear out of office documents that require confidential destruction.

This demonstrates that you take ‘reasonable steps’ in your business to destroy sensitive information.

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