Walk in/drop off

Walk in/drop off

It is common for small businesses or individuals to want to drop off their documents for destruction to one of our operations centres

We have drop off facilities located at our operations centres that are conveniently situated north or south of the Swan River.

Due to the current COVID19 situation we aim to keep your delivery contactless as possible. This is strictly a prepaid service so please ensure you have made your booking online as shown in “Get a Quote and Book Online” placard on the home page of this website.

You can deliver documents for destruction to us by any means and in any container type. We can transfer documents into our destruction bins if you would like to retain your containers. We can provide you with a unit rate for the content destruction archive boxes and ensure the remaining cardboard archive boxes are recycled at no additional charge to you.

Personally delivering your documents for destruction to us will guarantee you will get the most cost effective shredding price. This reduces your service requirement substantially by eliminating the collection and handling that is provided by our staff if we were to collect from you.

On arrival, please park in the visitors parking and call 9427 4788 to advise of your arrival. We will send staff out to you for assistance.

Please note that we have strict onsite OS&H requirements so be sure you are wearing enclosed shoes.

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