Office Clear Out Service

Office Clear Out Service

Office Clear out ServiceThere may be times when you will find that you have accumulated a considerable amount of paperwork at your home or the office that simply is no longer required. This paper work may contain personal and business information that cannot just be thrown away in the rubbish.

There are also occasions when organisations relocate office and the handling of business records can be cumbersome. Often these times present the opportunity to archive and also destroy business records.

CTI Shredding & Recycling can provide the labour and services to assist with the document handling in any office clear out. We can remove boxes of documents for shredding and supply secure bins for loose document and filing cabinet culling. We can even remove and dispose of general rubbish.

Our sister company CTI Records Management supply heavy duty document storage boxes if you require to archive business records. These archived business records can be relocated and registered at our offsite document storage facility. Administration staff are available if you need assistance in archive cataloguing duties.

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