Office Paper Waste Recycle Bins – NONCONFIDENTIAL

Office Paper Waste Recycle Bins – NONCONFIDENTIAL

CTI Shredding & Recycling provide a general office paper recycling bin service for ecofriendly disposal of non-confidential office documents and waste paper.

This cost effective service ensures general non-sensitive office paper waste is 100% recycled rather than ending up as land fill in the general rubbish waste system.

We provide scheduled bin servicing arrangements either weekly, fortnightly, monthly or bi-monthly. Our office recycle bins are sky blue representing paper waste and do not have locks. The bin decal clearly identifies the bin as PAPER ONLY to avoid confusion with co-mingle recycling products.

Our recycle bin service is an office service. We will exchange onsite bins with clean empty bins from where the bin is positioned in your office on the day of service. We do not ask our customers to place recycling bins roadside day before collection like many of our competitor’s service conditions.

It is important to remember that paper recycling is not a secure destruction process and therefore sensitive office information should be destroyed appropriately by using our secure shredding bin service.

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