Pallet Supply, Stack and Wrap

Pallet Supply, Stack and Wrap

pallet wrapWe are flexible to provide you with assistance in preparing your sentenced archive boxes for collection and destruction. It is very common for archive boxes to be stored in-house and positioned in locations that are impractical for general office storage. We can help handle boxes from these awkward locations such as cellars, mezzanine floors, ceiling voids, sheds etc.

For larger volume collections we can deliver pallets to preload boxes prior to the collection date. If you require, we can also supply the labour to stack and wrap the boxes. Palletising boxes results in less handling throughout the overall shredding process therefore cost savings can be passed on to you.

We ensure that even palletised loads are transported in enclosed vehicles and utilise taut-liner trucks fitted with tail lifts to collect and transport loads to the shredding plant. This allows safe loading at collection even in the absence of a forklift.

No matter where the boxes are located, we have the experience to manage the safe and secure handling and transport of archive boxes to our shredding facility.

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